In the Jungle

We almost stepped on a snake...

And that's a crocodile

He just grabbed that wild snake out of a tree... :O

Back to Cairns..
So on Sunday we woke up really early and hopped on a jeep styled mini bus that took us a two hour drive away to Daintree rain forest. The day was really nice. First we made walks in the forests and spotted wild turkeys and snakes. After exploring the jungle we had a BBQ-lunch in a little cottage in the middle of the forest, which was really cool. In the afternoon we had a river cruise so we could see crocodiles. Our guide was crazy he just casually picked a snake from a tree to show it to us who where all holding our breaths from shock. He said it was the least dangerous snake in the world...but still! The day was really nice and long and we all had a few naps on the jeep during the day. Luckily we got to sleep in the next morning..until seven! Haha! :DD

XO, Emma


  1. näyttää upeelta! :)

  2. Ihania kuvia, voi kun tonneki pääsis joku päivä! Tykästyin sun blogiin hirveesti ja liityin lukijaks :)

    1. Kiitos! Tänne kyllä kannattaa tulla, tää on ihana maa :)

  3. Oi vau näyttääpäs ihanalta! Kunpa pääsis joskus käymään Australiassa.. :-)