Dreams can be turned into reality

I've been thinking about things I'm looking forward to in my exchange year
to get myself in the I want to leave now mood.
Here some of my Aussie dreams and I'm going to make as many as I can true.
When I'm back I'm going to make a post about the filled dreams :)

Emma's little Aussie Dreams:

1. Meet a real kangaroo and koala bear.
Why? Because they are too cute to even exist
and I've never met them before, and come on...
Who can go to Australia and skip the kangaroos and koalas?
Haha, no one!

2. It's maybe a cliche (ok so are the kangaroos and the koalas too)
 but I want to try surfing! 
Haha I'm going to fall off that board in a second, but I still want to try. 
Who knows I'm a talent..( yeah sure Em..) :D


3. I want to get the Aussie accent.
Some may think it sounds terrible but I think accents are cute
 and I want to see the faces of my class mates
when I'm back and speak weird English at English class.
 Haha! If you don't know how an Aussie accent sounds
you should watch an interview from Emilie de Ravin. 


4. Walk around in shorts in January whit out freezing to death :)
That whole winterinthesummer,summerinthewinter stuff is so weird.
Can't wait to experience it!


5. See Sydney. I can still remember when I watched finding Nemo for the 1st time
and thought, 'to that city I'm going to go some day.'
and now it's going to happen in January.
I'm going to stay in Sydney for one week.
I have a 'soft-landing camp' there, with other exchangers.
and I'm sooooooo looking forwar to that!

6. Meet fantastic nice
and the 'laid-back lifestyle' owning people
and get great friends from them.
Maybe the thing I'm waiting the most for.

7.Learn how to draw an Australian flag.
It's hard! :)

8. Be more self independent
 and enjoy the fact I'm on the other side of the world on my own.
I'm going to miss so many persons who are really really important to me,
 but I hope I'll realize that I'm not alone although I'm away alone.
Luckily I get someone I know to come with me. Myself.

9. Spend a whole day at the beach.
I love the see. When I see it I feel so free. 

10. Se other great cities like Melbourne, Brisbane etc. 

11. Wear a school uniform.
Haha I think that would make the morning so much easier!

12. experience the awesome nature of Australia

13. Say ´ G'day Mate!` and smile
+learn awesome aussie slang words :)

14. Enjoy my time there and Grow
(please, only mentally not physically!!)

All in all I want to do lots of thing and I didn't even mention all of them now.
In 6 minutes there will only be 5 months left until THE DAY :)
I'm excited and nervous (+1000000 other feelings) all at the same time,
but still  I can't stop smiling when I think about it. Now I'm going to dream more.


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