There was this chicken sitting on my arm...

Heipa hei! (joo se kaikki suomikirjaimet puuttuu sori!)
Kotona ollaan, aurinko paistaa ja asteita on 25,5! Eli taalla on ainakin ihana kesa talla hetkella. Kone tuli joskus iltapaivalla ja sen jalkeen ollaan oltu kavelylla, pyorailylla ja hollantilaisessa ruokakaupassa joka on meikalaiselle kuin heaven kun sielta saa maailman parasta ruokaa! Gemmalla on kaks kanaa ja ja niita voi silittaa ja pitaa sylissa (ne on super kesyja!). Eli siks tossa on toi kana!  Huomenna keskustaan.

In English after read more!
I'm home. It's really sunny and warm over here. 25,5 degrees!!!! Today we've been walking and riding. My plane came pretty around three so I've already had a whole afternoon the time to do nice things over here. We also went to the grocery which is like a heaven to me. Yummy dutch food !
Tomorrow to the city center! :)

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  1. I would like to see a chicken and take a picture of it like you did.To see a chicken i think that you must go to a farm and then you will a lot of chickens.I very badly want to go inside a farm and see all of the animals.Someday when i am an adult i would like to own a farm of my own.Thank you for sharing this post with us!